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You can watch the first episode of the show here.

Did the men make a rookie survival mistake and eat where they sleep? Very glad to see people caring enough to share what they have…. Sorry for the delay, but thank you for your hilarious insight that made me laugh out loud. Best tits twitter. And Dani is a stupid bitch for following Alana i hope she tap out next cuz her ass aint eating no food Team Shane. Shane naked and afraid. There is still plenty of time for EJ to accidentally chop off a digit or impale himself onto something. Retrieved August 9, On day 39, the four remaining survivors now have fishing hooks and are able to harvest a considerable amount of fish.

And then the producers lured Jeff and EJ over to "rescue" him before he tapped out, so they could keep the drama going a little longer. View author archive email the author Get author RSS feed. I think EJ and Jeff were starting to realize what an unskilled braggart Shane was and he decided to quit while he had some ability to pretend that he was contributing to their group as something besides a guinea pig for a potentially lethal well. By Shane's own admission, he doesn't have any survival training and is just "a tough SOB".

We would have survived without their two eels [No, it was three. Shane has, or appears to have, made a decent bow but his arrow making skills are negligent. Photo milf ass. She is a rude bitch no man can like a nasty women like her Alana heartless and lazy. She saved them when they met up after the first week. This is one of my favorite shows but I am totally disgusted with the 5 remaining jerks in the large group. If they were prudent, they would have left early morning, so they should have arrived at least by early to mid afternoon.

The camera crews are not allowed to intervene, except for medical emergencies. Why would being different be such a problem for them? Shane is starving for protein and attention and wants to join the men. I believe he would have made it. The large group on Season One of XL drove one of it's own members Dani Julien to quit the show even within sight of the end of the challenge. I screamed at a donut this morning. We see Alana and Dani cross the plains, having made the best protective clothing out of any of the survivalists, spot the group of five and go to introduce themselves.

But that is completely irrelevant in a survival situation. Ginger lesbian videos. I hope that a little camaraderie will soften his abrasiveness.

From my understanding - if you go a sustained period of time without getting regular protein, you body will have depleted the enzymes necessary to break down the protein and that's what I believe happened in Shane's case and he said as much on XL. Favorite line from the guy who contributed the least provisions for anybody but was quickest to resent those who did: Why couldn't he recuperate?

I can see him drooling but with every person who walks into camp, his portion gets smaller and smaller. I feel sad for him.

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I agree whole heartedly. Naked kombat dj. April 4, Kellie Freeze Recap Having a little trouble with last nights episode there at the very end. Is he still dating her? The stars of this show are turning out to be the animals, not the naked humans. Shane naked and afraid. I hope they have to watch the reruns and vomit on themselves while watching their behavior.

Want to add to the discussion? That doesn't make him a trained survivalist.

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Well, unfortunately I just watched the current episode and yes Shane did, indeed, tap out much to the gloating glee of Alana. He then decided to combine his atlatl with Clarence's fish hooks to form proper fishing poles. Of all the survival shows she is only one of two people who make fun of someone tapping out. You have too much info to not be connected to someone in these groups. They disgust me too.

Then if you suddenly get a large amount of protein in your diet, your body will not be able to break it down and be sustained from it.

If EJ and Jeff had heard the horrible things the Lagabouts were saying about them before they offered the big group half their eels, the guys might not have been nearly so generous.

At first they seemed to welcome her, but really they valued her mosquito net much more than her presence or contributions. Big tit handjob videos. This is a blatant assumptive and unfair at that. Why do you think they never had both people bring fire-starters or knives?

They were awful to Shane too. He fit in better with them because Shane hates women. Obviously what works on a 21 day challenge will need to be adjusted for the 40 day challenge. I wonder if the unripe fruit is dehydrating them — I recall reading that unripe fruit can cause diarrhea. Dusk is falling as the other camp arrived, but I would have loved to have been better able to see their faces. Each of them got one item of their choosing and a knife. Shane made a bow and arrows. Leanna decker tits. Why couldn't he recuperate?

Half way into the season and all they have done is giggle and talk shtt about shane. He wasn't able to contribute and if he had stayed longer he risked major health problems and he didn't want to drag down his teammates. While they weren't able to discuss the details due to the non-disclosure agreement, Laura said that there was something Dani J. Or that she was ready to jump ship and join EJ and Jeff even before she was kicked out of the group of seven for neglecting her camp chores in favor of exploring the jungle?

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