Beauty Packing List: Here’s What Almost 30 Podcaster Krista Williams Is Taking on Tour

Beauty Packing List: Here’s What <em>Almost 30</em> Podcaster Krista Williams Is Taking on Tour post image

Wellness and lifestyle blogger/podcaster Krista Williams is ready to go on tour: “I’m all about growth, learning and transformation, so having the opportunity to be surrounded by new environments, people, places and things fills me up.” She and her Almost 30 podcast cohost, Lindsey Simcik, have packed their bags for a whirlwind trip across the country, where they will have a chance to meet their enthusiastic listeners and share insights on health, wellness, spirituality, relationships and careers.

It came as no surprise to us that Williams, our most trusted lifestyle guru, is also a masterful traveler. Her packing tips and pre-flight health rituals teach us that turbulent travel can be avoided with simple preparation. Ahead of her tour, we caught up with Williams to get the nitty-gritty on how she stays organized, calm and moisturized while jet-setting. As usual, she keeps it 100.

So tell me, how do you like to arrive for a flight?

This really depends on my mood. Sometimes I enjoy getting completely ready for the airport, because nothing makes me feel more like a Victoria’s Secret model than departing my flight in a black leather jacket, motorcycle booties, great denim and a white, rag & bone T-shirt.

But realistically, I wear these black joggers that I love, cute adidas—the Deerupt runners are dope and good for walking around—a long black T-shirt and my favorite moto jacket by BLANKNYC, which is really affordable. And you’ll never see me wearing makeup on an airplane—I cannot deal. I am already putting my skin through so much that letting it breathe is really the least I can do.

Do you do any exercise beforehand?

Yes! I like to tire my body out so that sitting is much more tolerable. If I don’t have much time before a flight, I’ll try my best to stretch on the floor of my apartment and foam roll for 20 minutes to show my body some love before I stuff myself on a plane.

Another thing I do is go to the front or back of the plane and stretch. If they don’t let me in that area, I will take a few minutes to stretch in the bathroom. Truly. Just a few movements—bending over to release my lower back, twists, shoulder rolls, small squats—really help to get blood flowing and make me feel way better during the flight and when I land.

What do you keep in your hand luggage? 

I bring Serene House essential oils: one that’s calming and one that wakes me up so that I can bring myself back to the present or relax a bit. I like to think that the people around me enjoy them too. I’ll also carry Four Sigmatic teas for when I land, or in case I need a little sweet treat in flight. My favorite is the mocha coffee in the morning and the reishi cacao in the evening with water or a nut milk.

I keep it all in my Block-T leather bag by Tory Burch. It’s my favorite to travel with because it makes everything easy to reach. It is not too deep and the top stays open—and I love that it sits! Perfect for personal and professional travel.

The flight attendants are reciting the safety instructions—what are you putting on first?

When I sit down, get settled and get off my phone, I usually pull my hair out of my face and then put lotion on my hands, arms and face so that I don’t get too dry. I love Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer; I’ll put it on my whole body. Then I’ll swipe on my favorite Kiehl’s mango lip balm because it tastes so good.

I also carry a scarf or something blanket-like so I can stay warm and relax. I love this one from Gucci, which is more like a shawl. I got it as a gift years ago and it’s been one of my favorite things ever since.



How do you keep hydrated?

I bring my bKr water bottle and drink water before and during the flight—and I get water when flight attendants come by with beverages. When I fly, I’ll also have coconut water and drinks with electrolytes too. These give me some salt and sugar so all that water I drink doesn’t just pass through me.

I also try to eat my water. I’ll bring pineapple, watermelon, blueberries or have a salad with me so that I am staying hydrated with what I eat, in addition to what I drink.

Any non-beauty in-flight essentials? 

I always bring selenite and black tourmaline when I travel. (I get my crystals from Energy Muse.) They are perfect for me to put in my bra, or to wear on a necklace as discrete jewelry.

I’ll take HUM Nutrition’s Air Patrol to help me stay healthy, especially when traveling. Similarly, I like to have The Honest Company’s hand-sanitizing spray and use it a few times throughout travel to keep myself as clean as possible.

I also pack pantry products from Moon Juice. I really love their green, rainbow and mango crisps. It’s key to have healthy snacks on deck because it’s really hard to find fresh and healthy options at the airport or on the plane.

Secrets to beat jet lag?

Sleep on the plane—it’s my favorite thing. I don’t care if it messes up my sleep schedule because it seriously helps me to just get more rest overall. Melatonin really helps too—it’s a natural way to get you to sleep. [Or try HUM Nutrition’s Beauty zzZz supplement to help you snooze.] If I’m well rested, well fed and hydrated, then I most likely can sail right into the trip without jet lag.

Tell me about your in-flight entertainment. Which episodes of Almost 30 do you recommend for a flight?

I genuinely love listening to podcasts: Rich Roll is one of my favorites, as well as Tim Ferriss. Tara Brach has a really great spiritual podcast with meditations and teachings for your soul. 

And, of course, at Almost 30 we keep it really fun, light and interesting, and we never take ourselves too seriously. Here’s what I recommend listening to on your next flight:

Manifesting Your Dream Life with Lacy Phillips – Episode 80

Genius Foods with Max Lugavere – Episode 108

Chakra Balancing and Energetic Healing with Millana Snow – Episode 103

From $600 to a Multi-Million Dollar Company with Daina Trout of Health-Ade – Episode 115

Keep up with the Almost 30 podcast by listening on iTunes. You can find their summer tour dates here.

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